If you don't go through your day with clarity, calm, and ease, don't worry, that can be 'fixed'. You just went out of inner balance and you're projecting it to the outside world. But why this matter? Simply and honestly? Because that's how we create our reality, our everyday life, our present (therefore future). Our thoughts, feelings, then actions determine where we're going.


For example; 

You want to start a new project but you feel insecure, or lack of will to do what it takes. 

You want to change your job but have no clarity on what next.

You want to start exercising but your back hurts.

You want to sleep better but the restless nights hunt you.

You want to be more feminine, feel beautiful in your body but the muscular energy is kicking you back.

It's even related to food disorders, gaining or losing weight...


​There are so many examples!​


So you give up. Everyday.​ You can't seem to cope with these situations, and you just let it go. Then what? You wake up less stressed? Of course, not. Because every day you're choosing to live without things that make you feel empowered. Well, as easy is to fall for this negative outcome, it's even easier to get out of it. We just have to choose we want to. 


Wake up, sleepy queens! 


If you enjoy tea, if you enjoy meditation, journaling, or just working on self-growth, then this will be a fun ride! If you don't enjoy this stuff, then this will be a new (also fun) experience for you! Don't let it just pass by :)


But who is really this program for?

It's for people who want to improve themselves.

It's for humans who want to give and receive more in every aspect of their life (career, love, parentship, ​friendships...).

It's for those who know they can accomplish more but feel stuck or don't know how to.

It's for people who have physical issues (headaches, back pain, heavy legs, respiratory disorders, digestive problems...).


It's an easy step-by-step guide that you implement in your daily routine. Nothing drastically needs to be changed, except you'll add a few actions that will help you achieve clarity and focus on your goals faster. Inside these pages, you'll get all the support you need, don't worry.


Shall we start?


Align your Chakras with Tea program

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